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Little Norway. Big Brand.

In 2011, the PEDC, Chamber of Commerce and City formed a steering committee with the intent of improving how Petersburg markets itself. The committee hired North Star Destination Strategies to assist in the development of a new community brand.

In May of 2012, North Star presented their final report and the results have been widely praised. The implementation guide has many ideas on how local organizations and businesses can leverage the brand to promote themselves and their products and services.

One of the goals of this project was to develop a clear and consistent message about Petersburg that everyone can use to share information about our community. It is a tool that can be used to share information to potential new residents, visitors, employees, and businesses. It can be used to generate interest in an existing business’s new product or service or encourage downtown shopping. While consistency is important, the brand itself is versatile and adaptable to many uses.

We invite you to learn more about the brand and discover how you can be part of the Big Adventure.


Research Results (3Gb PDF file)
Results of online surveys and interviews about Petersburg.

Brand Insights and Vocabulary (4.9Gb PDF file)
Put your marketing message on target by understanding the basis for the brand and incorporating the descriptive vocabulary of the brand.

Implementation Guide (2.8Gb PDF file)
Lots of ideas for bringing the brand to life.

Branded web portal for Petersburg information.

Tell Me More!
Interested in hearing more about how your business or organization can use the brand? Please contact us.


One of the more visible aspects of the brand is the new logo, tagline and color palette:

Graphic Standards and Color Palette (1.4Gb PDF file)
We encourage you to implement the brand, but maintaining consistency is critical for brand success. Please review and adhere to the standards when using brand images or colors.

If you’d like to use the logo, please complete a user agreement.

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