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About the Petersburg Economic Development Council

In 2001, several community members in partnership with the City of Petersburg created the Economic Development Council and hired its first staff person. A not-for profit, PEDC promotes economic growth in our community and is funded by an annual grant from the Petersburg Borough, and other state and federal sources.

A nine-member Board of Directors composed of representatives of local government and the community at large lead PEDC.

The PEDC mission is to provide steady moderate growth that results in a strong diversified economy compatible with our traditional resources-based lifestyle.

Toward this end, the PEDC works to:

  • Encourage growth of our traditional fishing, seafood processing and timber industries;
  • Support local businesses in their efforts to grow;
  • Diversify the economy in ways that are compatible with out lifestyles and interests by nurturing visitation by independent tourists; telecommunications; recreational opportunities; and the services, businesses, activities and facilities that support retirement and comfortable living for our residents;
  • Build upon our strategic location at the geographic center of Southeast Alaska;
  • Develop and grow in a manner compatible with both use and enjoyment of our natural surroundings and resources.

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